Custom Company Shirts With Logo

In today's competitive market, having a strong brand identity is key to standing out. Custom company shirts with logos play a big role in building that identity. These shirts do more than simply make your team look good; they bring everyone together under one brand and make your business instantly recognizable to customers.

Good Ink is all about helping businesses, big and small, show off their brand in style. We offer a wide range of custom clothing options, from t-shirts and polo shirts to hoodies and more. Whether you're looking for something casual for your team to wear around the office or professional attire for a big event, Good Ink has got you covered. We know how to turn your logo and design ideas into high-quality shirts that your team will be proud to wear.

What are Custom Company Shirts?

Custom company shirts are personalized apparel designed to showcase a business's brand identity through unique logos and designs. These shirts serve as a powerful tool for promoting unity within a team, enhancing brand visibility, and making a lasting impression on customers and clients. Good Ink specializes in transforming your logo and design ideas into wearable art, providing an effective way to communicate your brand's message.

Style is a personal matter, so we offer a variety of shirt types and brands for customization. From classic short-sleeve t-shirts and cozy long-sleeve shirts to professional polo shirts and casual tank tops, Good Ink can print your design on any shirt style you prefer. Options include printed ink, simulated process printing, full-color transfers, and embroidery. We can work with you to make sure the final product is exactly what you envisioned for your brand.

Why Buy Custom Company Shirts?

Custom company shirts are a powerful tool for any business, especially when a logo is applied. Here are some of the many reasons why investing in them can be a game-changer for your brand.

Brand Identity

Custom shirts help make your brand easy to recognize and remember. By consistently using your logo and brand colors, you create a strong visual identity. This consistency helps people instantly connect your team and products with your brand, building trust and recognition over time.

Team Unity

Wearing the same branded shirt can make all your employees feel like they're part of a team. This sense of belonging can boost morale and encourage teamwork. When your team feels united, they work better together, leading to a more positive and productive work environment.


Dressing your team in custom shirts can really step up your professional image. When employees wear shirts with your logo, it can make a strong impression on clients and partners, showing them that you care about your brand.

Marketing Tool

Think of custom company shirts as a moving advertisement. Wherever your employees go, they take your brand with them. This visibility can attract new customers and remind existing ones about your products or services. It's an easy way to spread the word about your brand without saying a word.


One of the best parts about custom shirts is the ability to make them your own. You can choose everything from the color and style of the shirt to the design of your logo. This flexibility means you can create something that truly represents your brand's personality and values.

What Shirt Styles Are The Best For Companies?

When it comes to choosing the best T-shirt styles for company shirts, it's all about finding the right balance between comfort, professionalism, and brand representation. Here are some popular styles that work well for company shirts.

Classic Crewneck T-Shirts

The classic crewneck T-shirt is a universal favorite. It's comfortable, casual, and works well for most body types. Its simple design makes it a great canvas for your company logo, ensuring that your brand stands out. This style is perfect for everyday wear in the office or when your team is out and about.

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts offer a slightly more professional look compared to crewneck T-shirts. With their collars and buttons, polos can easily transition from a casual to a more formal setting. They're ideal for events where you want your team to look a bit more polished but still approachable.

V-Neck T-Shirts

V-neck T-shirts provide a modern twist on the classic tee. The V-neckline adds a touch of style and can be more flattering for some people. If you're aiming for a slightly more stylish look without sacrificing comfort, V-necks are a great option.

Long-Sleeve Shirts

For cooler weather or to offer more coverage, long-sleeve shirts are a practical choice. They provide all the comfort of a standard T-shirt while keeping your team warm. Plus, the extra sleeve space is great for additional branding, like website URLs or slogans.

Performance T-Shirts

If your company is involved in outdoor activities or events, performance T-shirts made from moisture-wicking materials are an excellent choice. They keep your team comfortable and dry, all while showcasing your brand. These are particularly popular for team-building exercises, charity runs, or any activity where breaking a sweat is expected.

Remember, the best T-shirt for your company depends on your specific needs and brand image. Consider the event or environment where the shirts will be worn and choose a style that best represents your company while keeping your team comfortable and looking great.

Choosing the Right Shirt Colors

The right colors can make your logo and shirts stand out, communicate your brand's message, and connect with your audience on an emotional level. Each color can trigger different feelings and associations. For example, blue often represents trust and reliability, while green is associated with growth and health. Here are some tips for selecting colors that align with your company’s branding:

  • Look at Your Logo: Your company's logo is a good starting point. Choose shirt colors that complement your logo colors. This helps keep your branding consistent and recognizable.
  • Consider Your Brand's Personality: Think about what your brand stands for. Is it youthful and fun, or more serious and professional? Pick colors that reflect this personality. Bright colors like yellow or orange can convey energy and creativity, while darker shades like navy or gray might suggest sophistication and stability.
  • Think About Visibility: You want your logo to be easily seen on the shirts. If your logo is dark, consider lighter shirt colors, and vice versa. The contrast will make your logo pop.
  • Remember Your Audience: Consider the preferences of your target audience. Different age groups and demographics might respond better to different colors.

Here are some popular color choices for various industries:

  • Tech and Finance: Blue is a popular choice as it signifies trust and intelligence. Darker shades convey professionalism.
  • Health and Wellness: Green, representing health and tranquility, and blue are top picks for these industries.
  • Food and Beverage: Red, known to stimulate appetite and grab attention, along with orange, are favorites.
  • Fashion and Retail: Black and white are classic choices for a sleek look, but many brands also experiment with bold, trendy colors to appeal to their fashion-forward audience.
  • Education and Non-Profit: Earth tones and softer shades like light blue or green convey a sense of calm and hope, making them good choices for these sectors.

Logo Design and Placement

Your company’s logo isn't just a small detail—it's what makes your shirt instantly recognizable as part of your brand. Here's what you need to think about when designing your logo and deciding where to place it on your shirts for the biggest impact.

Key Considerations for Logo Design

  • Simplicity: A simple logo is easier to recognize and remember. It also prints better on fabric, so your brand will stand out, even from a distance.
  • Visibility: Your logo should be clear and visible on any shirt color or style. 
  • Relevance: Make sure your logo reflects what your company does or stands for. A relevant logo connects more effectively with your audience and makes a lasting impression.

Recommended Logo Placements on Shirts for Maximum Impact

  • Left Chest: This is the most common placement for logos on company shirts. It's subtle yet visible, making it ideal for professional settings.
  • Back: Placing your logo on the upper back of the shirt can give it more visibility, especially in crowded settings like trade shows or company events.
  • Sleeve: A logo on the sleeve is a good option if you want something different. It works well for more casual brands or as an additional placement if the front is already used for something else.
  • Full Front or Back: For a bolder statement, consider placing your logo across the entire front or back of the shirt. This is great for promotional events where visibility is key.

Trends in Logo Design for Company Apparel

  • Minimalism: Keeping your logo design clean and minimal is not just trendy; it's effective. Minimalist logos are easier to recognize and remember, which can make your brand more memorable.
  • Use of Negative Space: Creative use of negative space in logos can add an element of surprise and make your design stand out. This approach involves using the background color of the shirt as part of the logo design itself, creating a clever visual effect.

By focusing on simplicity, visibility, and relevance in your logo design and choosing strategic placements for your logo, you can create company shirts that your team will wear proudly and that will leave a lasting impression on everyone who sees them. If you don’t have a logo yet, our creative team will be happy to help!

Why Choose Good Ink For Your Company Shirts With Logo?

When it's time to create custom shirts for your company, you want a partner who stands out for all the right reasons. Here's why Good Ink is the go-to choice for your custom apparel needs:

  • We provide a top-notch customer experience from start to finish. Our team ensures that your order receives the attention it deserves, making sure you're happy whether it's your first or fiftieth time ordering with us. 
  • We're small enough to offer personalized service, so when you reach out to us, we handle your requests directly and efficiently. Yet, we're also big enough to handle orders of any size, thanks to our investment in the latest technology and strong business relationships. 
  • We offer free artwork assistance with every order. Say goodbye to boring shirts and hello to eye-catching designs that you and your team will love to wear. We're here to make sure your company shirts turn heads for all the right reasons. 
  • Unlike other shops that may surprise you with extra fees for screens, setup, design, and shipping, we don't. Our all-inclusive pricing means the quote we give you is exactly what you'll see on your invoice. No surprises. 
Choosing Good Ink for your company shirts means partnering with a team that's committed to quality, service, and value. We're here to make the process easy, enjoyable, and free of hidden costs. Start your order today and see the Good Ink difference for yourself. If you have any questions, please fill out our contact form, use our live chat, or call us at (616) 294-8884 today.