Custom Summer Camp Shirts

Good Ink is your go-to shop for all your summer camp apparel needs. We’ve worked with hundreds of camps and understand the unique challenges camps face and we’re here to help with free designs, free shipping, and quick turnaround.

Elevate your camp experience with personalized apparel that not only captures the essence of your unique camp spirit but also ensures a memorable and united look for all participants. Whether you're gearing up for team-building activities, outdoor adventures, or simply basking in the summer sun, our custom shirts are designed to add an extra layer of excitement to your camp journey. 

The Benefits Of Printing Custom Camp Shirts

When it comes to creating a memorable and cohesive identity for your camp experience, custom camp shirts play a crucial role. Beyond just being a piece of clothing, these personalized shirts offer a range of benefits that enhance the overall camp experience for both campers and camp staff. 

Foster Team Spirit and Unity

Custom camp shirts foster a sense of belonging and unity among campers. Wearing matching shirts creates an instant visual bond, fostering a team spirit that is essential for group activities, team-building exercises, and fostering friendships. It helps create a shared identity that can last well beyond the campfire.

Make Camper Identification Easier

In the midst of various activities and events, it's easy for campers to get lost in the crowd. Custom shirts with unique designs, colors, or logos make it simple to identify members of your camp group. This is especially helpful during off-site excursions, ensuring everyone stays together and safe.

Create A Tangible Item To Capture Lasting Memories

Custom camp shirts serve as tangible souvenirs of the camp experience. Participants can take these shirts home, to recall the lasting memories of the adventures, friendships, and lessons learned during their time at camp. Every time they wear the shirt, they'll be reminded of the unique and special moments they shared.

Build A More Professional Camp Appearance

Whether you're organizing a sports camp, educational camp, or any other type of event, custom shirts provide a polished and professional appearance. It helps create a sense of order and structure, making a positive impression on both campers and their families.

Increase Your Camp Brand Recognition

Custom camp shirts can serve as walking advertisements for your camp. Including a camp logo or tagline on the shirts can generate interest and curiosity among those who see them. This can be especially useful for attracting new campers and spreading the word about your program.

Capture Better Group Photos

When everyone is wearing the same custom shirt, group photos become vibrant and visually appealing. The coordinated look adds a professional touch to any pictures taken during the camp. These coordinated photos can be great for social media and other advertising efforts. 

Common Types Of Custom Summer Camp T-Shirts

You can create custom camp shirts designed to be worn for the entire duration of the camp, or you can customize shirts for specific camp events. Common camp events we regularly create custom t-shirts for include: 

  • Bonfire shirts
  • Scavenger hunt shirts
  • Obstacle course shirts
  • Camp triathlon shirts
  • Staff vs. camper competition shirts
  • Camper or counselor talent show shirts
  • Hiking shirts

If there are specific events that you have planned for your camp, you might want to consider incorporating imagery related to those events in your shirt designs. Camp shirt designs often include illustrations of campfires, canoes, trees, and other common camp activities. 

Popular Summer Camp Shirt Styles

If you’re going to invest in custom shirts for your camp, you’ll naturally want to make sure they’re functional and appealing for campers and/or camp staff. Some shirt styles are better suited for summer camp than others. We give you the flexibility to choose materials and shirt styles that suit your camp's unique requirements. The most popular camp shirt styles can be found below. 

Short-Sleeve Tees

Short-sleeve shirts are one of the most popular options for custom summer camp shirts. They’re affordable and versatile. They can be worn for any camp event and they serve as excellent souvenirs for camp attendees. Good Ink stocks a wide array of different adult and youth tee-shirts to customize. 

Dri-Fit Shirts

Summer camps regularly involve physical activity, which is usually accompanied by sweat. Dri-fit shirts help keep campers cool and dry by wicking away moisture and sweat. The light and breathable fabric is a great match for the summer heat. We carry a selection of several different dri-fit performance wear shirts for you to customize. 

Baseball Tees

Summer camps are as much a part of American history as baseball and the two often collide with summer camp baseball games. You can print your design on our custom baseball tees for your camp’s baseball outing. Even if you won’t be playing baseball, our baseball tees provide a stylish and timeless look. 

Pair Your Custom Camp Shirts With Other Custom Apparel 

Good Ink doesn’t just offer custom shirts! We can print and embroider on just about any type of apparel. In addition to shirts, we can help you customize hats, beanies, jackets, face masks, hoodies, and more. You can pair your custom shirts with other apparel items to create a complete outfit with your camp branding.   

Why Choose Good Ink For Your Custom Camp T-Shirts? 

Good Ink has been helping camps produce affordable and stylish custom apparel since 2016. We utilize state-of-the-art printing and embroidery technology along with a multi-point garment inspection to make sure you receive high-quality shirts that will last. However, we don’t stop at producing great apparel. We also believe in providing exceptional customer service. 

When you place an apparel order with Good Ink you’ll be paired with your own dedicated account manager. Your account manager will walk you through every step of the process and be available to answer any questions you may have. 

Good Ink also strives to provide competitive pricing in addition to quality prints and exceptional service. We provide free standard shipping for all domestic orders. Our quantity discounts also help you save money with larger orders. Camps choose Good Ink for custom apparel, because we deliver at the intersection of quality products, great service, and affordable prices. 

Ready To Start Creating Stylish And Durable Shirts?

Our team would love to help you create the perfect custom shirts for your summer camp. You can start designing shirts on your own using our online designer. You can also work with a member of our team by calling (616) 294-8884, filling out an online quote form, or pressing the live chat button on this page.

Custom Camp Shirt FAQs

Is There A Minimum Order Requirement For Summer Camp Apparel? 

There are minimum order requirements for custom summer camp apparel. Our minimum order quantity starts at 10 but can vary depending on the complexity of the design and decoration method. A member of our team will be able to provide the minimum order quantity for your order when you request a quote.

Can Good Ink Help Me Create Shirt Designs? 

Not a graphic designer? You don’t have to be and you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars creating your custom design. Our team includes professional graphic designers on staff and we offer free design help with every order. Our team can produce your custom designs for you to bring your vision to life. 

What Is The Turnaround Time For Custom Summer Camp T-Shirts?

The standard turnaround time for custom camp shirts is 2-3 weeks, but we do offer rush processing for an additional charge. The standard turnaround time for orders with rush processing is one week. Our team can also provide a more accurate turnaround estimate when you request a quote