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Create custom t-shirts that feel good and look great with Good Ink. We can produce the perfect custom shirts for any event or occasion. Spread your brand, your mission, or your message with eye-catching printed or embroidered designs.

Custom Shirts For Everyone

Custom shirts from Good Ink are for everyone! We offer shirts in a full array of sizes to fit anyone of any age or size.

Custom Men’s/Unisex Shirts

Our men’s shirts feature a straight-cut style, but they are designed to be unisex and can be worn by anyone.

Custom Women’s Shirts

Our women’s shirts are tapered or contoured to be more form-fitting for ladies. Enjoy a comfortable and flattering fit with our selection of women’s shirts.

Custom Tall Shirts

We know how frustrating it can be to find shirts that fit right if you have an above-average height. Fortunately, we have shirts available in tall sizes that you can customize.

Custom Youth Shirts

Good Ink doesn’t just print adult tees. We’ve got shirts that can be customized in youth sizes. Our youth shirts are popular for a variety of different events from youth sporting events to vacation bible school.

Custom Toddler Shirts

We didn’t leave out toddlers! We offer custom shirts in toddler sizes, so your toddler can also sport custom apparel.

A Wide Selection Of Styles & Brands To Customize

Style is personal. We know everyone has different preferences, which is why we offer a wide selection of styles and brands to customize. Your options are unlimited! Of course, if you have trouble deciding on brands or styles we can always help you narrow your options down.

Popular Shirt Brands

Good Ink stocks shirts for customization from some of the largest shirt manufacturers. Below are some of the most popular shirt brands we carry. If you don’t see your favorite brand on the list, there’s a good chance we can probably source it for you. Contact our team to see if we can print with your favorite shirt brand.

Popular Shirt Styles

Good Ink can customize more than standard short-sleeve t-shirts. We can print your design on your favorite shirt style, whatever style that may be.

Several Ways To Customize Your Shirts

Good Ink offers several different ink styles, and printing and embroidery processes to help you create clothing that is truly unique to you or your brand.

Printed Ink

Good Ink offers seven different types of ink you can choose from along with two additional printing processes that can be used outside of our standard screen printing process. 

  • Plastisol: Plastisol is the standard ink used for screen printing. It produces vibrant prints and it can be used on almost any type of apparel in any color. 
  • Water Base: Water base ink is an ink that uses water as the main solvent. It works best on lighter-colored shirts as opposed to darker shirts. Water base ink produces a very light, vintage print. 
  • Discharge: Discharge can only be used with cotton apparel. Discharge ink is a low-solid water-based ink that produces a very opaque and vibrant print. 
  • Discharge Underbase/Plastisol: This is a hybrid ink that involves using a discharge underbase with a layer of plastisol ink on top. The result is a soft and vibrant print. 
  • Metallic: Metallic ink shimmers in the light. It isn’t as reflective as our foil special effect and provides a more subtle sparkle to your print. 
  • Puff ink: Puff ink is an old-school ink that has recently come back in style. Puff ink expands above the surface of the shirt to create a 3D print. 
  • Glow Ink: Allow your design to be seen at night or in a room with black lights using glow ink. 
  • Simulated Process Printing: Simulated process printing is the process we use to print full-color images or photographs onto shirts. Printing images is very expensive and this process has the highest minimum order requirement as a result. It’s often better to avoid using photographs in your design to save money. 
  • Full-Color Transfer: Full-color transfers are an alternative to screen printing that can be used for full-color designs. Powdered plastisol ink is printed onto a sheet. The ink is then transferred to a shirt using heat from a heat press.


Prefer to have your design embroidered instead of printed? We can do that! Your embroidered design will be flat with the surface of the shirt using this method. We do only recommend embroidering on heavier weight t-shirts.

We realize all of these different styles and printing options can be overwhelming. Our team can work with you on your design to help you decide how to best customize your t-shirts.

Why Choose Good Ink For Custom T-Shirts?

There are many different companies out there that can produce custom shirts, but you want your shirts to look good and that’s where Good Ink comes in. Good Ink is large enough to have state-of-the-art printing and embroidery technology, but small enough to be able to provide unrivaled customer service. Your dedicated account manager will work directly with you to take your vision and translate it into a winning design. Our apparel technicians will then use that design to produce vibrant durable, long-lasting shirts.

Good Ink doesn’t just offer quality prints and exceptional service. We also offer competitive pricing with no hidden fees and free shipping throughout the United States. Finally, we provide quality assurance for your order with our multi-point garment inspection. This ensures you always receive good-looking custom apparel at a great price.

Our Simple Printing Process

Many things in life are complicated. We believe ordering custom shirts shouldn’t be, which is why we’ve streamlined our printing process into seven simple steps. The entire process typically takes 2-3 weeks, but we do offer rush printing services for faster turnaround times.

Select Your Custom Apparel

The process starts with selecting your apparel to customize. You can pick your favorite shirt style from our collection of available apparel or we can look into sourcing apparel of your choosing for your order.

Send Us Your Design

Once you’ve selected your apparel, we can start designing. You can send us a design to add to your shirts or our design team can help you create a design free of charge.

Review Your Quote

Your design and apparel choice will dictate the types of ink and design application process we use. We’ll take all of the information provided to create a quote for your order. We offer quantity discounts, so you can save money with larger orders.

Approve Sizes & Final Design

We’ll send over a mockup of the final design and also confirm shirt sizes with you for your order. We can still make any necessary changes to the design if you have revisions after viewing the final mockups. 


Once we have an approved design and a complete sizing breakdown, we’ll send over an invoice for your order. We won’t be able to begin production until your invoice has been paid in full.


We’ll begin production immediately once the invoice has been paid. We use top-of-the-line equipment to produce high-quality custom apparel.


Once your order is completed, we’ll ship it right to your doorstep. Standard shipping anywhere in the United States is free. There are additional charges for faster shipping options. We’ll always provide you with shipping pricing beforehand if you want to upgrade from standard shipping.

Popular Types Of Custom Shirts

Good Ink has been custom-printing shirts since 2016. Since then, we’ve printed thousands of shirts for all types of businesses, organizations, events, and occasions. Some of the most popular types of custom shirts we print include: 

  • Family trip shirts
  • Family reunion shirts
  • Memorial shirts
  • Bar crawl shirts
  • Gym shirts
  • Club shirts
  • Sorority shirts
  • Fraternity shirts
  • Company shirts
  • Sports team shirts
  • Restaurant shirts
  • Brewery shirts
  • Clothing retailer shirts
  • Coffee shop shirts
  • Nonprofit shirts
  • Fire department shirts
  • Police department shirts
  • Marine corps shirts
  • Church shirts
  • Dance team shirts

Of course, we aren’t limited to just printing the above types of shirts. We can print a custom shirt for any occasion or function.

Ready To Start Creating Your Custom T-Shirts?

You can start designing your own shirts with our online designer. You can also work directly with a dedicated account manager to create your design and receive a quote. You can speak to our team about creating custom shirts by pressing the live chat button, filling out a quote request form, or calling (616) 294-8884. We look forward to serving you!

Custom T-Shirt FAQs

Have questions about creating custom t-shirts with Good Ink? We’ve provided answers to some of the most common questions we receive below. Don’t hesitate to contact our team if you don’t see an answer to your question on this page. 

Are There Any Shirt Design Limitations I Should Be Aware Of?

To make your design look as good as possible, we recommend sending us your design in an EPS, AI, SVG, or PDF file format. We can work with PNG and JPG images, but they need to be at least 300 DPI in resolution or the image will look blurry or pixelated when printed. If your design isn’t in these formats, we can help you convert your design at no cost. 

Designs can contain up to 12 colors, but we recommend keeping the number of colors as low as possible. The more colors you add to your design, the more expensive it will be to print. 

Can I Put A Logo On Custom Shirts? 

Of course! We regularly print custom logo shirts for businesses across the country. We just ask that you make sure you have the rights to print the logo you send us for your design. 

Is There A Minimum Order Requirement? 

Good Ink does have a minimum order requirement for custom tees. Our minimum order quantity starts at 10, but it can be higher depending on your design and the decoration method. We can provide you with a minimum order quantity when you request a quote for custom t-shirts. 

How Do I Order Custom Shirts For A Group?

Coordinating custom apparel for a group can be a daunting task. Group members may have varying style preferences and you also need to collect shirt sizes. Good Ink can set up a group order for you on our site. We can help you upload different styles or designs to your shop and your group members can then select their preferred style/design and size. Once all of the orders have been placed, we can start production for your group. 

Are The T-Shirts Printed In The US?

Yes, all of our custom shirts are designed and printed in-house at the Good Ink shop in Holland, MI. Printing here in the US allows us to offer fast and free shipping for US orders.