Online Stores

We make it easy to collect sizes and payments with an online store.

No-risk online apparel stores. We print and ship, you promote!

Tired of collecting sizes, managing inventory and payments, and hassling with shipping? Let us handle it for you! Supporters, employees, students, families, etc can place their own orders, find and enter their sizes, pay for their items, and even have them shipped directly to their homes.

Online Store Options

  • Fundraising: Optionally raise funds with each item sold. We'll cut you a check for the proceeds after the store closes.
  • Shipping: orders can be shipped for a fee or optionally picked up from your location (free).

How it Works

  1. Our team works with you on the design (2 max) and items for the store (10 max). We recommend you keep the store open for 2 weeks.
  2. We create the store and send you the link for review.
  3. You promote the store to your friends, family, and supporters. Orders come in.
  4. Once the store closes, we collect the orders and print/ship them within 2-3 weeks. Any fundraising proceeds (optional) are sent to you.


There is no cost to you to setup a store with us. You do need to sell at least 10 items for items to go to print. Products are priced at our standard rate for 10 pieces. We add a convenience fee per garment for setting up the store, folding, poly bagging & fulfillment.

Terms and Conditions

  • All online stores operate on a pre-order basis. Orders are printed and shipped 2-3 weeks after the store closes
  • Max of 2 designs
  • Max of 10 items (includes color variants)
  • Minimum of 10 items must be sold through the store for us to print


  • One design on a handful of items performs best
  • Sharing your store link multiple times via social media and email will help orders keep flowing

Get Started

We'll be happy to help you get your online store up and running. Please send an email to us to get started.