Church Shirts

Build a strong sense of community and fellowship at your church with custom t-shirts that your congregation can wear with pride. For active churches with engaged members, there are so many occasions that are perfect for creating custom apparel that members will love to wear. Come up with your own shirt design, or we can help you create a logo or design that perfectly captures the spirit of your church community.

Benefits Of Printing Custom Shirts For Your Church

Besides being a lot of fun, creating custom shirts for your church can have some benefits for your community.

Stronger Sense Of Community

We all want to feel a sense of belonging. Religious individuals are drawn to churches with a strong sense of community and fellowship. Custom shirts with your parish logo or an appropriate church-related design can help foster a sense of unity amongst parishioners. Matching shirts at church events will make members look and feel like a united group.

Increased Name Awareness

If you’re trying to grow your church by inviting new members, name recognition is helpful. When members of the broader community see members of your parish in custom shirts with your church name and logo, they’re more likely to think of you when looking for a church to join or attend.

Additional Donations Through Fundraising

Whether you’re having a fundraising event, or just want to provide spirit wear for your church community and hoping to raise a little extra money in the process, selling shirts and apparel customized for your community is a great way to raise funds. Good Ink can help you set up an online apparel store where you can take orders and receive a portion of the profits from every sale.

Common Events For Custom Church Apparel

Custom apparel is a great way to stand out at church events. Custom shirts can be worn by volunteers or staff working at an event so that they are easily spotted and recognizable. Or you can sell custom shirts to members of your church and attendees at church events so that they can feel like part of the community. You can use your church’s logo or a generic church design, or come up with a design specific to the event. We regularly help churches print the following types of event shirts:

  • Vacation bible school shirts
  • Summer camp shirts
  • Baptism shirts
  • Winter/summer retreats shirts
  • Youth group event shirts
  • Fundraising shirts
  • Mission trip shirts
  • Church festival shirts
  • Fish fry or spaghetti dinner shirts

Items To Include In Your Custom Church Shirt Design

When designing a custom shirt for your church or a church event, include important information to tell the world who you are. Include your church name and location, if applicable. When creating a custom shirt for a specific church event, include the event name, location, and date to commemorate the event. 

Using bold fonts and an eye-catching logo alone for your custom church shirts can make a statement. When you want to get more creative and add more graphics, consider using religious iconography such as a cross, doves, praying hands, fish, a trinity symbol, flames, etc. Recognizable Christian images will make it clear to others what your shirts represent. Also consider adding additional text, such as a Bible verse that’s meaningful to your church community. 

Coming up with a design for a church shirt is a great opportunity for artistic members of your congregation or church staff to share their talents. If you don’t have someone in your church community who can create the design you want, or if you want professional help to create a polished design, our designers can help you come up with a shirt design that’s just right at no additional cost.

Start A Church Fundraiser With Good Ink

Selling custom shirts as a church fundraiser can be easy and profitable! Good Ink regularly hosts apparel fundraisers for churches and other faith-based organizations. We can help you set up an online store with Good Ink. You’ll be able to select the types of apparel and the designs you want to sell in your store. When orders are placed through your online store, you’ll receive a portion of the profits for your fundraising efforts. 

We require at least 25 items to be sold in your store before we start printing. The beautiful part about apparel fundraising with Good Ink is that there’s no risk in running a fundraiser and there’s minimal work required on your end. There’s no cost to set up a store and Good Ink handles everything from collecting payments to printing and shipping. You can learn more about fundraising with Good Ink on our t-shirt fundraising page.

Work With A Screen Printing Company That Loves Serving Ministries

Your goal as a church is to serve your community - and we want to serve you! As a small business, our team has the ability to really get to know our customers and provide a human touch to meet our customers’ needs. We’ll talk with you to figure out how best to meet your needs, provide mock-ups and quantity breakdowns with your quote, and be there to answer any questions you may have along the way.

Custom Church T-Shirt FAQs

Is there a minimum order quantity for custom shirts?

Our minimum order quantity starts at 25 items for custom-printed shirts so that no matter how big or small your church or event is, you can have good-looking shirts to express your faith and represent who you are to your community. Minimum quantities vary depending on decoration style. Our team can let you know what the minimum order quantity is based on your design.

How long does it take to print custom church shirts?

Our printing professionals use top-of-the-line equipment to do a beautiful job printing custom shirts quickly. Our standard turnaround time for custom shirts is 2-3 weeks and we’ll provide you with an estimated completion date once we start your order.

How do I create my own faith shirt?

If you already have a design or logo that you’d like to use on your custom church shirts, you can start creating your custom shirts online with our online designer. We also have a team of in-house designers who can provide as much or as little design help as you need at no extra cost. If you need a design modified, we can take care of that! If you need a completely original design, we can work with you to create something from scratch and tweak it until you’re satisfied. 

Once we have a design you’re happy with, we’ll provide you with mock-ups and give you a quote. We print on a range of t-shirts and other apparel items you can choose from to come up with a look that’s perfect for you.