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Introducing custom windbreakers from Good Ink – where style meets functionality in the face of the elements. Our personalized windbreakers are the epitome of versatile outerwear. They provide protection from the wind and rain and can be worn in every season except winter. The lightweight synthetic material of our windbreakers provides the perfect canvas for your logo or custom design. 

What Is A Windbreaker?

A windbreaker, sometimes referred to as a wind jacket or windcheater, is a thin jacket made out of synthetic water-resistant materials. The thin fabric jacket is designed to resist wind chill and light rain. Windbreakers can sometimes be confused with rain jackets, but windbreakers are lighter than rain jackets and they are not 100% waterproof like rain jackets are. 

Windbreakers have gained popularity over the years as a protective apparel item for outdoor activities. Their lightweight design prevents overheating during activities while still providing protection from elements like wind and rain. Windbreakers are considered three-season jackets. They don’t provide enough insulation for cold winter temperatures, but they’re great for cool spring mornings, brisk fall afternoons, and rainy summer days.

Occasions For Custom Windbreakers

Custom windbreakers can be created for any occasion. They can impress customers or employees as a corporate gift. They’re commonly used as giveaway items or souvenir shop items. They’re also great for outdoor company outings or company outfits for employees that work outside. Whatever the occasion may be, Good Ink can help you design and create custom windbreakers to delight your target audience. 

The Benefits Of Custom Windbreakers Over Other Custom Apparel

Good Ink has the capability to create a wide variety of custom apparel. We can produce everything from custom t-shirts to custom polos and sweatshirts. There are many benefits to choosing windbreakers over other apparel items if you’re still in the process of figuring out what type of apparel you’d like to customize for your company. 

Windbreakers offer added comfort for outdoor work and sporting activities on cold days compared to a t-shirt or long sleeve shirt. Windbreakers are lighter than sweatshirts and are therefore easier to pack in case of cold weather. Windbreakers are often considered premium clothing items compared to other types of apparel. This premium status can go a long way in establishing better relationships with customers or employees. The water-resistant material also makes windbreakers an ideal choice for boating or rainy days. 

If you want to create branded clothing that can be worn outside and used throughout most of the year, then we highly recommend windbreakers for your custom apparel.

Our Windbreaker Customization Methods

Good Ink offers three different ways to customize windbreakers with your own logo or design. You can read a brief description of each customization method below.

Screen Printing

We can screen print designs onto windbreakers, but we don’t usually recommend this method, because ink doesn’t adhere as well to the waterproof material. Embroidery or patches are going to last much longer on windbreakers than a screen-printed design.


Our team can use embroidery to create your custom design on your windbreakers with thread.


Patches are another great option for windbreaker customization. We can apply woven, embroidered, leather, or sublimated (a mix of embroidery and print) patches to your windbreakers.

Not sure which method would be best for your design or budget? Our team can help assess your design, needs, and budget to determine the best customization method for your jackets. 

We Can Create Custom Windbreakers For Any Business

Good Ink can create custom windbreakers for any business, organization, or individual. Our low minimum order quantities, affordable pricing, and easy order process help to make custom apparel more accessible for everyone. While we create custom windbreakers for a wide variety of businesses, you can find some of the businesses we commonly create windbreakers for below:  

  • Colleges & universities 
  • Athletic teams
  • Professional corporations
  • Home service companies 
  • Outdoor recreation companies
  • Valet companies
  • Yacht clubs

Don’t see your business or organization industry above? That’s okay! We’d still love to serve you. You can submit a quote request form to speak with our team about creating custom windbreakers for your business. 

Why Choose Good Ink For Windbreakers With Your Logo?

When you collaborate with Good Ink for your custom windbreakers, you unlock a number of advantages that come from partnering with a local screen printing company as opposed to larger national screen printing corporations. Hailing from Holland, MI, we extend our services to businesses, organizations, and individuals across the United States and Canada. 

At the core of our ethos lies an unparalleled commitment to delivering exceptional customer service. Your journey begins with a designated account manager who remains devoted to your order throughout the entire process. Your account manager will always be available during regular business hours (Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM). Unlike the rigidity of larger screen printing conglomerates, our dedicated account managers offer flexibility. Need to tweak your order quantity? Want to alter the colors in your design? Your account manager can work with you to make those changes happen. 

We also offer very transparent pricing. You won’t find any hidden charges in your billing. We even offer free shipping across the US and free design services to keep your costs low. 

Our premium windbreakers are sourced from premier apparel brands to be able to deliver you top-notch quality custom apparel. Our process includes a meticulous multi-point garment inspection to make sure your order looks great before we ship it out. Your satisfaction is our number one priority and we look forward to creating custom windbreakers for you. 

Request A Quote For Custom Logo Windbreakers

Have questions about our custom windbreakers? Ready to order or design windbreakers with your company logo? Our team can answer any questions you may have and provide you with a free quote for your windbreaker order. You can request a quote by filling out an online quote request form, pressing the live chat button, or calling us at 616-294-8884.

Custom Windbreaker FAQs

You can view answers to commonly asked questions surrounding custom windbreakers below. Do not hesitate to contact us if you don’t see an answer to your question on this page. Our team is here to serve you!

Is there a minimum order quantity for personalized wind jackets?

Good Ink does have minimum order quantities to ensure that you pay a reasonable price for your apparel. Minimum order quantities start at 10, but minimum quantities can vary depending on the type of decoration style you choose. Our team can provide a minimum order quantity when you request a quote. 

How should I format my custom design? 

We can accept designs in just about any image format, including JPG and PNG formats. The best formats to ensure a high-quality result are AI, SVG, EPS, and PDF formats. It’s okay if your design is not in these formats. We can help you convert your design into a different format as part of our free design services. 

What is the turnaround time for personalized windbreakers?

Our turnaround time for personalized windbreakers is around 2-3 weeks, but the time can vary depending on the decoration method. We can provide a more accurate turnaround time for your order when you submit a quote request. We’ll also provide a timeline when we start your order and keep you updated if the timeline changes for any reason.  

What sizes are custom windbreakers offered in?

We offer custom windbreakers in small, medium, large, extra large, extra extra large, and extra extra extra large sizes. You can use the size chart below to better determine which sizes you need for windbreakers. 

Description S M L XL 2XL 3XL
Body Length From HPS 27.5 28.5 29.5 30.5 31.5 32.5
Chest Width 1” Below Armhole 21 22 23 24.5 26 27.5
Sleeve Length From Center Back To Hem 34.75 36.25 37.75 39.25 40.75 42.25

How do I figure out what sizes to order for my team?

Figuring out team sizes for custom apparel can be challenging. We recommend creating a survey to send out to your employees so they can select the right size. You can include the dimensions from our windbreaker size chart above to help employees determine their size. 

What color are custom wind jackets offered in? 

Our windbreakers are offered in black, aqua with a white zipper, black/graphite, black with a white zipper, khaki with a white zipper, navy, navy/saddle, navy with a white zipper, graphite, maroon, maroon/navy. The design you add to your wind jacket can be in any color. We recommend using a maximum of two colors in your design to keep your costs low.