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May is National Foster Care Month. All proceeds raised will support YGFC&A and it's programs, which provide care and support for children in foster care.

All Proceeds Benefit:

CityLinC Ministries

for Essentials for children in foster care, Training for foster parents, Visitation opportunities for families working to reunite.

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Help Youth Guidance Foster Care & Adoption Agency raise awareness in our community by purchasing a shirt and wearing it. Youth Guidance Foster Care & Adoption Center exists to provide care and support for children in foster care and their families. Children in foster care are removed from an unstable situation while their parents work to improve the safety and stability of their home and life. During this time, children are placed in foster homes. We work with families in our community to train, license and support foster families who come alongside these children and families during this time. Our goal is to see each child find a safe and loving permanent home. Our first hope is that families can be reunited after seeking help and support to create a more stable home environment. If that is not possible, we work to find loving and stable adoptive homes that will commit to a lifetime of love and support for the child. There are families and children who need support in our own community and surrounding area. Please help us raise awareness so that others may come to get involved in the work of building up families in our community!

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