World Turtle Day

Shellebrate with turtle lovers everywhere!

American Tortoise Rescue created World Turtle Day as an annual observance to help people celebrate and protect turtles and tortoises and their disappearing habitats around the world. You can support Central Texas Tortoise Rescue and shellebrate World Turtle Day with one of these turtley awesome tees!

All Proceeds Benefit:

Central Texas Tortoise Rescue

for Improving & subdividing enclosure spaces, food, filters and pumps for existing ponds, and more shelters.

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For obvious reasons, World Turtle Day speaks to our hearts here at Central Texas Tortoise Rescue, and we thought that a fun way to celebrate would be with these tees! This year our fundraising efforts are all concentrated on bringing our existing enclosure spaces up to a high level of security through the installation of various predator proofing mechanisms that we didn't have before, the addition of more food plants to increase cover and forage within the enclosures, the addition of an automated sprinkler system to ensure sustainability of those spaces, the addition of various types of shelters for different sized tortoises, and (this is the big one) the addition of a pond so that we can finally accept aquatic species and provide good habitats for them. We're applying for a grant for that last one, unless this t-shirt sale happens to blow all of our expectations "out of the water" (I couldn't resist). Thank you for your support, for your kindness, for your love. Keep being awesome!

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