Wee3beasties: Saving the Strays

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Wee3beasties: Saving the Strays is a 501c3 feline rescue dedicated to getting felines off the streets and into warm, safe, loving homes.

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Wee3beasties: Saving the Strays

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At Wee3beasties: Saving the Strays, we are dedicated to the felines who arrive in our care. We work hard to get them the medical attention that they need, treating everything from upper respiratory infections to ringworm to mange to frostbite to wounds, whether bite or burn or gunshot or whatever comes our way. With kitten season already well underway, our goal is to trap the mommas as well as the kittens so that they can be spayed (and socialized if at all possible). We work to break the cycle not just rescue the kittens. Making a difference, one feline at a time!

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