Tesoros de Dios

Buy a shirt to help get students to and from Tesoros de Dios each day!

Last year, Tesoros de Dios spent nearly $11,800 in diesel and gas as they transported 126 children and their caregivers to and from Tesoros de Dios throughout the year. Transportation is a free service for students enrolled at Tesoros de Dios and an absolute necessity in Nicaragua, where car ownership is not common and public transportation is not accessible for children with physical disabilities. This fundraiser will make a small dent ($2,000) in the 2018 operational budget in the area of transportation.

All Proceeds Benefit:

Tesoros de Dios (God's Treasures)

for diesel for the busses that provide free transportation each day at Tesoros de Dios

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Tesoros de Dios is a ministry in Managua, Nicaragua, that supports children with disabilities and their families. Tesoros de Dios believes in partnering with families, schools, churches, and communities to promote the holistic development of children with disabilities in Nicaragua. Our students participate in special education, horse therapy, physical therapy, and technology training. An outreach program serves area churches and schools, equipping them with tools to become more inclusive. Tesoros de Dios relies 100% on donations as there is no cost to the families of students. Most donations come from North America, many in the form of regular child sponsorship. One-time donations and special fundraisers--like this one!--are key in allowing Tesoros to continue to grow, expand, and operate in Nicaragua. Thank you for being a part of that!

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