Taylor Family Fight!

Help us to STOMP out Male Breast Cancer!

Please help us to raise money for a family who was hit with the terrible "C". This family of 6 needs our help to get them through this fight for life! Male breast cancer is one that isn't spoke of as often but is just as damaging.

All Proceeds Benefit:

Jim Taylor

for Medical Bills

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The Taylor family has been going through terrible financial hardship to say the very least.
Jim, a wonderful husband and amazing father to 6 children, was diagnosed with aggresive breast cancer and has been struggling with treatments both physically and financially. He has been out of work since November 2017. The medical bills are piling up in unbearable numbers.
He has undergone a double mastectomy, with lymphnode removal putting him at a lifetime arm risk while also suffering from bad neuropathy and other physical disabilities from all of the chemo. More cancer was found during surgery then expected. Still, he has a long way to go in terms of radiation and more treatments for at least another year. He is about to lose his health insurance and will be needing to pay it out of pocket, he is still unable to work, and his disability income is barely making a dent in their rent, utilities, and food to feed the family - not to mention all of the copays every time he has to see a doctor or to go and receive treatment. Sloan Kettering does not take his Medicaid. They are really in need of financial support at this time as the family has no other source of income. Any donation, big or small, would be greatly appreciated.

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