Summerfest 2017 - Shirt #1

Each shirt purchased gives money back to the Summerfest Fund

This campaign is designed to raise money for future Summerfest gatherings.

All Proceeds Benefit:

Trish Wayner

for Donating Extra $$ to the Summerfest Fund.

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Summerfest is a tradition the Campbell Family started near to 20 years ago, and each year we come together in the spirit of love and togetherness. On various years we have had t-shirts created by a loving family member and brought to the event for others to purchase. I love these t-shirts and still all of the prints from over the years. We have a growing family, and each year our needs for space, food, prizes, consumable craft supplies, and porta-john also go up. This year, I want to use the t-shirts we make to help generate extra funds for upcoming years of Summerfest gatherings. This is one of five different campaigns I have going for this purpose - each campaign is the same purpose, however each t-shirt design is different. Please share your love of the family by purchasing one or two or all of the different shirts created. ALL proceeds will be given directly to the Summerfest Fund.

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