Declawing is Amputation - Spread the Word

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This is a campaign to help educate people on the true nature of cat declawing.

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Pet Adoption & Welfare Services of OK

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Declawing is illegal in most civilized countries who consider it mutilation. Amputating the last digit of a cats toes (the only way to prevent the nail from growing back) is a serious decision with frequent long lasting negative effects. Most people we talk to who think that declawing their cat would be an option to prevent scratching are appalled when they learn what it really involves. Many think it is just the removal of the nail when, in fact, it is the removal of the end of the toe, cutting through the last joint, severing tendons and ligaments too. People often get angry at their vets who are reluctant to describe in detail what the procedure involves and the possible side effects (biting, antisocial behavior and litter box issues). We put together this campaign for people educated about declawing to help them spread the word and hopefully prevent more cats from undergoing this painful and unnecessary procedure.

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