Skiptember - Skip Something. Feed A Child.

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By purchasing a Skiptember shirt for yourself or your child, you are helping to provide food & clean water to children in need all over the world!

All Proceeds Benefit:

for Food, Clean water, and Building Kitchens all over the world!

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What if, one day, everyone in the world skipped the purchase of one small thing they didn’t need, and donated the money instead toward the care and feeding of impoverished children and families? What would that look like? We believe it could change the world. That’s our big, bold, audacious dream. Join our movement to help change the world, one simple Skip at a time.
We help solve world hunger, one Skip at a time, by building and renovating kitchens within orphanages and schools in impoverished areas. We also support food distribution and feeding programs in places where kitchens can't be built, and help with clean water and sustainable agricultural initiatives. It’s amazing what can happen when people Skip. Want to join us?

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