I don't need a weapon, i will be one! Proving them wrong with a Black Belt in Tang Soo Do.

Buy a shirt to help Andrew achieve his goal of becoming a black belt, despite his "DISABILITY"

To raise money for Andrew Ty's black belt test.

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Just before Andrew turned 5 we learned he had a rare eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa, a disease causing him to go blind. There is no cure, and he doesn't care at all, he is happy and blessed. Ironically this is sort of a "blind" disease as anyone who first meets him would never know that he can see 90% less than the average person because nothing will stop him. Karate has been his main thing since the year we found out! And he has beyond excelled in it! His love for this sport is amazing and he has reached the a huge milestone in his training with the opportunity to become a black belt!!! For a kid who has been told he will be going blind he has not lost sight of anything he has planned for his life!! No obstacle is to big this amazing 10 year old kid! Your support in his goals will mean the world to us.

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