Official Prince of Peace shirts.

Proceeds from this campaign go entirely to our upcoming Mobile Pack. Buy a shirt and help feed God's starving children!

Jesus calls us to be salt and light, a city on a hill, and a witness for Him in our community. Not only does this shirt help fund our upcoming mobile pack, but it can also be used to boost our presence in our community as we serve together.

All Proceeds Benefit:

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

for help fund our FMSC Mobile Pack

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After hosting our mobile pack last year, many of you now have an idea of just how amazing this opportunity to feed children is. So little can go so far, and we can literally be the answer to people's prayers to Jesus for their next meal. How cool to not only be an answer to prayer, but to also be obedient to Jesus' call and make a difference with your own two hands and two hours. Each shirt, depending on how many get ordered (the more shirts we order, the cheaper the production cost so the more profit we receive) will provide at least 40 meals for children who otherwise wouldn't have anything nourishing to eat. Finally, we should remember that Jesus says when we do something for the least of these, we do it unto Him. Sign up, show up, and be a reason for someone to praise the Lord.

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