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All proceeds from these autograph-able t-shirts will go to our 'Magic Fund' to help us continue to create magic during these unprecedented times.

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Since our company opened in 2017, we have donated every penny of profit our business has earned to fund free and discounted events and giveaways for the community, characters for charity events, donations to various silent auctions benefiting Make-a-wish and other foundations, Children’s Hospitals/libraries/schools, and many free/discounted events for families that could use a little extra magic, but wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford a character appearance. In an effort to continue to create magic during these unprecedented times, we have recently launched a YouTube Channel and started creating free virtual content for our followers. We hope we have been able to create magic in our community while they spend time at home! As a result of COVID-19, we have had to cancel three months of events - making our budget for video production non-existent. However, we are emptying our 'Magic Fund' and donating all we have left to create videos and social media content and post them for free - for all to enjoy. Your purchase will fund: 1. Free and discounted Community Events and Entertainment (Ex. Our Free YouTube Channel). 2. Hospital, Library, and School Events. 3. Donations of characters and giveaways to various local and national charities. 4. Character Visits for children and families facing unimaginable battles and hardships. For more information about our 'Magic Fund', please visit our website: www.oliviagraceandcompany.com

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