Needy Paws Rescue Heartworm Positive Dog Treatments

Buy a shirt and help us pay for 6 HW+ Treatments $3,000 !

We have rescued over 90 Heartworm Positive dogs over 2 years and included in that number is the 6 we recently rescued in 2017. We continue to provide the $500 treatment to save their lives!

All Proceeds Benefit:

Needy Paws Rescue

for Veterinarian medical costs for 90-day HW Treatment.

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Since April 2014, we have rescued over 1,900 dogs and found them a forever home. Of those dogs, over 90 of them tested Positive for Heartworm. It is a very painful treatment, but with the treatment, a dog can live a healthy life. We treat every dog that is diagnosed to save their lives. It is so disheartening when a dog arrives in our rescue and is HW+ because it is easily prevented. If every dog owner would give their furry family member a monthly Heartworm Pill, it would prevent a painful expensive treatment. Needy Paws Rescue pays $500 for each dog receiving treatment and over the past 2 years, we have paid $45,000 to help these dogs. In 2017, we have already rescued 6 HW+ dogs needing treatment. Please help us help them and buy a shirt. Needy Paws Rescue will receive a portion of your purchase to help pay for Heartworm Treatment.

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