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NTLP stands for National Teen Leadership Program-This year we taught our teens NTLP also stands for if you #NeedToLeadPeople then #NeedToLovePeople

All Proceeds Benefit:

National Teen Leadership Program

for Developing Generations of Loving Leaders who Promote Peace and Unity.

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NOW MORE THAN EVER we need to teach our youth that if we #NeedToLeadPeople we #NeedToLovePeople (NTLP).
For 25 years the National Teen Leadership Program (NTLP) has created positive environments that empower, inspire and educate all teens to discover and maximize their unique leadership potential and embrace the diversity and equal value of everyone.
Our 3-day leadership development camps, after-school programs, and workshops create globally minded, ethical leaders who respect and uphold the equal value of all humanity. This training transforms youth into capable leaders motivated to affect positive social change in an increasingly diverse world.
Won't you please help us spread our message of leadership and love? Every donation makes a difference in our world! #NeedToLovePeople

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