25th Birthday Wish: Support Michelle Wolf Music + Detroit Pit Crew!

Help save the destitute dogs of Detroit!

Support local Detroit musician, Michelle Wolf, and her quest to raise funds for the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue!

All Proceeds Benefit:

Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue

for The rescue & vet care of the destitute dogs of Detroit, Mi.

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In honor of my 25th Birthday...Each year I realize more and more that material items will never feed my soul the way it needs. I am blessed to not "need" for anything. My only wish is to raise funds for an incredible non-profit organization very near and dear to my heart....Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue. I ask family, friends, fans, local music supporters, and fellow animal lovers to extend their generosity in helping the destitute dogs of Detroit. ALL PROCEEDS will go directly to DPC, to help with the rescue & vet care for dogs in need.

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