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MCL Chicago T-Shirts!

Closing cost money, and you can get an MCL t-shirt! There are lots of different closing costs that we are faced with as we shut down MCL: February rent, breaking down and removing everything from the space, accounting fees, etc., etc. With limited production revenue in January we're cutting it close. Also, we've never been able to afford purchasing MCL t-shirts to sell so with the help of the good people at Good Ink we can do both!

All Proceeds Benefit:

Studio Be, NFP d/b/a MCL Chicago

for Closing costs and memories.

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From 2014 - 2018 we have strived to bring the art of music improv and music comedy to the forefront of Chicago's iconic comedy scene. Throughout our four years we have provided a performance space for 100+ shows, 1,000+ performers, and countless audience members. We have always made it a priority to value the time, talent, and energy of all the performers working on MCL productions and compensating them what we could. Unfortunately the lease on our current space keeps increasing and we simply can't maintain pace. Our greatest accomplishment, and our true pride, is that the shows that debuted at MCL are living on at different theaters around Chicago. Thank you to everyone who ever stepped foot in MCL Chicago. You made this place that we called home for the past four years possible.

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