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Sports and the arts are an integral part of a child's development. Kusewera's current focus is working with children through their community center and sports programs in Malawi, Africa. We aim to spread love and encourage others to LOVE FIRST... then think, speak and act.

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for Showing LOVE through our community center, sports field/court, programs, teachers, coaches and a sustainable food program!

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Kusewera means to play in Chichewa – the local language of Malawi, Africa. Our mission is to empower and educate children through active & creative PLAY! We first brought our programs to Malawi in 2008, working in some of the most impoverished villages and orphanages, where many villagers are lucky to have one meal a day and children don't even own a ball. With Kusewera, children participate in sports, music and the arts, which are all integral parts of a child's development. They learn valuable life skills by being exposed to such things. Children can pursue goals, dream for a better future and be positive leaders in their community. We aim to spread love and encourage others to LOVE FIRST... then think, speak and act. We recently opened our new community center at KUSEWERA VILLAGE on our 13-acres in Malawi. We are now able to have a clean, covered preschool and host many programs that serve thousands from the surrounding villages. We hope to finalize and facilitate a community led garden and food program for the children soon, and we hope to finish the sports field and court by summer 2018. We are committed to the children of Malawi! We are people helping people help themselves.
LOVE FIRST! You'll see a difference!

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