LHDP Nature-Based Preschool Fundraiser 2

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Little Hawks Discovery Preschool provides students with an excitement for learning with play and nature-based learning. Children spend time outdoors each day, learning through active play and exploration.

All Proceeds Benefit:

Little Hawks Discovery Preschool

for Scholarship Fund and General Programming

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We believe that children are natural learners, eager to explore and create. The teaching staff promotes early learning by:
- Providing a natural environment that enables and encourages discovery, experimentation, and the opportunity to see the results of one’s actions.
- Structuring a program that includes many opportunities for children to be outdoors, learning and exploring, reflecting the research that supports the advantages of these experiences.
- Offering opportunities for children to connect with nature while developing the skills of the whole child, as well as children’s individual abilities and interests.
- Encouraging problem solving and reflection by asking open-ended questions and providing information in response to children’s ideas, observations, and questions.
- Assisting children in their interactions with each other and supporting opportunities for learning to work in a group.
- Appreciating and celebrating the unique individuality of children and families.

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