I'm a BADASS because...

Why are YOU a badass?! What makes you uniquely YOU?

Every one of I AM THAT GIRL’s local chapter meetings starts with answering the question, “Why are you a badass?” Every person in the room shares a reason why they’re a badass; sometimes it’s a big win, sometimes it’s doing the brave work of processing a loss, sometimes it’s just getting out of bed. See, we think that all of us, and girls especially, are encouraged to minimize our accomplishments, to minimize ourselves. But OUR goal is to open girls’ eyes to the leaders they already are, the leaders this world needs right now!

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Now more than ever, girls need a space to build leadership and social skills, create community, and think critically about the issues that they face.
I AM THAT GIRL provides leadership, social, and personal development programming to girls in high school and college, to cultivate self-worth, community engagement, and action so together we can amplify the voices, stories, and potential of girls everywhere.
We unlock…
Leadership: we leverage our peer-led program to train and activate transformative and values-based leaders.
Community: we harness the power of positive social norms to shape and build communities called local chapters, that are action-oriented and promote an authentic culture of change.
Resilience: we strive to offer the best-in-class experiential curriculum to build resilience in girls through self-awareness, critical thinking, community action, and healthy behaviors.
Action: we activate social responsibility to translate resilient leadership into individual and collective community engagement and active contribution

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