Building HOMEFULNESS For Unhoused Mamaz, Children & Elders

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Homefulness is a landless, poor and indigenous peoples-led movement to liberate Stolen Mama Earth, build housing for houseless & formerly houseless families & elders, a community garden, a liberation school for houseless children, the sliding scale cafe & a multi-nationed healing space.

All Proceeds Benefit:

POOR Magazine

for Construction equipment and costs; tools for community garden and cafe

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Homefulness, a project of POOR Magazine, is a solution of interdependence, love, and equity-sharing for landless/unhoused/formerly unhoused, disabled youth, adults, and elders across Pachamama. In honor of Mamas Day, we are launching the this campaign to support the building of homes on the homefulness land to house poor mamas and their families, as well as fund the liberation school Deecolonize Academy - so unhosued and formerly unhoused children and families can continue to receive decolonized education.
It is a poor people-led, self-determined, truly green model for housing, art, microbusiness, spirituality, interdependence, self-accountability, caregiving, and community that incorporates the teaching of our elders, ancestors, and spiritual leaders in harmony with Mother Earth. We aim to create permanent and lasting solutions to houselessness for families in poverty who have been displaced, evicted, gentrified, and destabilized out of their indigenous lands and communities.
We believe that people who have struggled to survive, feed and clothe multiple family members and themselves hold a deep scholarship about the use and distribution of resources. We believe that giving and donating to the giver or donor is not a privilege or a nice idea, but rather, that it is a duty of people with class and/or race privilege, to give their time, their surplus income, their equity, and/or their support towards change for people struggling with poverty in the U.S. and across the globe.
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