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CDH Cycling, AmeriCares and cyclists across the country will link together to send $200 worth of aid to South East Texas for every shirt purchased!

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for Food & Supplies for Disaster Relief

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At the start of this campaign over 16 trillion gallons of water have rained down upon the South East Texas, causing devastation to countless homes, businesses and the lives of millions. It's a level that even those affected truly can't comprehend. "We can't help everyone, but everyone can help" Reagan said it best when he spoke those words, urging Americans to reach out and help one another. In times of hope, in times of need we reach to one another for support and for help. CDH Cycling together with AmeriCares and cyclists across the country will support and link our hearts together. At just $22.00 a shirt, each t-shirt purchase will help send $200 worth of aid to South East Texas. That's the power of people and that's the power of working together to help one another. Show your support, send your love and we'll send the support. $200 worth of supplies, food and aid will go towards families in need and if we can all link our hearts together we can make a huge difference.

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