Start Right' for Life: Infant and Maternity Care / Haiti

Buy a shirt and support life-giving, healthy births to moms in Haiti!

HAPI's maternity program gives Moms a fighting chance to reduce complications of pregnancy and ensure their babies 'Start Right'!

All Proceeds Benefit:

Haitian Artisans for Peace International

for Maternal / infant care

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Women are the 'center pole' of Haitian households. HAPI's commitment is to empower and uplift these 'persistent' women with economic opportunity, education and healthcare. Pregnancy in Haiti is too often a 'death sentence' for Mom and/or baby, particularly in rural communities. The impact is both immediate and also deepens generational poverty, impeding sustainable development. Consider: -Lovely Jean, a youth on the verge of secondary school, lost her mom to eclampsia. Lovely now assumes her mother's role, managing the household and caring for her three younger brothers while her father, a subsistence farmer, works the fields. Breaking out of cyclical poverty has become exponentially harder. But with proactive care and institutional delivery: -A mom from the city transfers her maternity care to our clinic, Felisane Health Center, because she heard of our START RIGHT prenatal program. At delivery, her child required infant resuscitation. HAPI's nursing staff had the training and equipment to save the baby's life! HAPI's Felisane Health Center puts affordable, quality care within reach and helps the smallest 'START RIGHT for Life'. BE THE HAPI DIFFERENCE!

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