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“The Lion & The Lamb” T-Shirts NOW AVAILABLE.

Buying a shirt will help to support me (Hailee) as I enter into an internship of engaging with multiple ministries and 11-19 year olds across the West Michigan area!

All Proceeds Benefit:

West Michigan Youth for Christ

for covering my internship stipend and the costs for engaging with teens, volunteers, & community members!!

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“The Lion & The Lamb” T-Shirts NOW AVAILABLE.
Earlier this spring, I spent 12 weeks (85 days) in solidarity and quarantining myself at home while my husband went to work each day. I had hours/days/weeks to pray and discern some decisions that were sitting on the back burner. A lot of the time, I just heard, “Wait For It.”
Through prayerful days of discernment, I gladly accepted a Marketing Internship position with YFC (Youth For Christ) this coming school year. My role in this internship is to record and share stories of how God is working on the hearts of 11-19 year old students in the local West Michigan area. I will be attending several YFC events at different locations (juvenile detentions, high school campuses, community centers, coffee shops, and local hangouts) to connect with students, staff, or volunteers about where they are and how God is using them. From there, I will gather information, form a story, and share it with the sponsors/donors of YFC to show how this ministry is making an impact. I believe my creative skills and abilities will also be out to good use in this work environment as I have already completed some stationary pieces for them to send with/of my artwork. My husband and I have had connections and volunteer opportunities with this ministry for about 3-4 years now - now, I am just working a little closer with the behind-the-scenes for this ministry.
Youth For Christ’s mission is to reach young people everywhere, and work together with the local church and other like-minded partners to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus who lead by their godliness in lifestyle, devotion to prayer & the Word of God, passion for sharing the love of Christ, and commitment to social involvement. For more information, here is a link to follow:
During the lockdown in the spring, I spent time going back to Scripture and pondered on the metaphor Christians often use, “The Lion & The Lamb.” Lions and lambs are mentioned often in the Bible, both in the Old as well as the New Testament. Their appearance in the verses of the Bible carries a powerful symbolism and message. Often times, the Lion symbolizes traits like majesty, strength, & courage - while the Lamb symbolizes sweetness, forgiveness, & sacrifice. Jesus is described as both of these animals throughout scripture! Isaiah 11 captures the prophecy of how these “beastly” animals will dwell among the meek ones - explaining unity, peace, and harmony characterize the Messiah's kingdom; the righteous among the poor. I believe the opportunity to work in this ministry will allow me to meet people of diverse upbringings and backgrounds, and bring their stories to light - to be heard.
Proceeds of this limited time “The Lion & The Lamb” T-Shirt will go towards my stipend from September-May. T-Shirts are now available through Labor Day and will be printed and mailed once Labor Day has passed. There may be even more t-shirt designs in the future as another way to support... Feel free to message me with questions or inquiring about other ways you can help: prayer, student needs, added to mailing list for updates, etc.
Adult brand: Bella Canvas
Youth brand: Gildan

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