Good Karma Needs a New Dog Lodge!

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Good Karma needs a new Dog Lodge at our new location to continue saving forgotten and discarded dogs.

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Good Karma Rescue

for A new building!

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As of spring the intake/rescue space in Montpelier will be closed due to our family moving. This space allows for triage, overnights, some long term care, and a central spot for all of GKR to HAPPEN. We need your help to build a new rescue space, now affectionately called our Dog Lodge.
We need $5,000 to purchase the materials to create the new space. We also need people to set forward and volunteer to help build in April. This amount seems like an ENORMOUS number until we break it down. If all our supporters and adopters bought a Tee we'd be almost there!
As the year draws to an end, please consider donating to Good Karma so it isn’t the end for the next 700+ dogs that need our help in the next 10 years.

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