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Buy some warm gear and help us subsidize grocery co-op memberships for neighbors with limited income.

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Gem City Market will be different from your typical neighborhood grocery store in that it will be owned by its workers and by customers and members from the community. This model, known as a multi-stakeholder cooperative, provides both workers and the consumers with a voice in how the business is administered, and the opportunity to operate the business consistent with their needs. Show your support with a Gem City Market zip-up sweatshirt featuring our new logo. Funds raised will go into our Supporting Member Fund. This fund allows us to offer $10 memberships to neighbors who self-identify as limited, fixed, or low income; making membership available regardless of economic means. Together, we're building a grocery store from the ground up in Dayton, Ohio. Our full-service grocery store at Salem and Superior will be the only business within miles to offer a affordable, quality kitchen staples, well-stocked fresh produce and meat departments, and specialty, local and organic products that will make our store a unique draw. 2,400 member-owners and growing!

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