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Your purchase will help support our February 2018 Full Life Ahead Family Weekend where individuals with disAbilities and their families not only find hope for a Full Life, but the information and connections to make it happen! Learn more at: www.fulllifeahead.org/camp/camp-details.

All Proceeds Benefit:

The Full Life Ahead Foundation

for expenses for the upcoming February 2018 Family Weekend Workshop and Retreat.

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The Full Life Ahead Foundation exists to provide HOPE, Knowledge, Encouragement and Connections for Families who have a teen or young adult with a disAbility.
We are a group of caring, passionate parents who have our own young people with disAbilities so we understand the challenges and have the compassion needed to help families plan and set goals for their future. We have been where you are. Join our family. Know there is a Full Life Ahead.

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