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Your purchase will help Emma's Helping Paw Fund help dogs in need of life saving medical treatment

Emma's Helping Paw Fund was created by Emma's Mom, Sheila, in honor of Emma's fighting spirit and in memory of a very spirited and loving little girl who has always been an inspiration to her. Through Emma's Helping Paw Fund her spirit will continue to live on by helping other dogs facing serious medical issues receive the treatment they need.

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CockerPals Rescue Emma's Fund

for Financial grants for life saving medical treatment

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Love ... Joy ... Perseverance ... Passion for Life
Emma - always a part of my heart. When I think about Emma, I think about love and devotion. I think about a happy little girl with the most expressive little face who truly loved life and her family to the fullest.
Emma was a spunky little girl who had a rough start in life. She had been a puppy mill Mom and was found abandoned in a house with other dogs. But her life changed for the better when she came to CockerPals and then to us. She loved and lived life to the fullest. I always said her wheels were always turning.
Emma faced many challenges in her short 5 years with us, but always fought back against the odds. The first was breast cancer and after 2 surgeries and 2 chemo treatments, she beat it. Then in January 2011 she faced her toughest challenge when she was diagnosed with IMHA, an autoimmune disease. My heart sank. Emma was in critical condition and was fighting for her life. I never knew a dog to survive this, but survive she did. From that point on I called her my miracle baby. She came home and was back to getting in trouble and living life to the fullest. A year later she relapsed and spent 4 days in the hospital and had 2 more blood transfusions. She continued to fight and I vowed that as long as she continued to fight, I would continue to fight with her. As if this wasn't enough, she was also losing her eyesight to PRA. She rebounded again, but had another relapse 2 months later. The prolonged use of the medication she needed to survive started to take its toll on her until she could fight no longer.
Emma is a part of me and will always live on in my heart. She has and will always be an inspiration to me. No doggie parent should have to make a choice of not being able to give their dog life saving treatment due to financial concerns. It is my hope that through Emma's Helping Paw Fund, Emma's spirit will live on by helping other dogs fight critical medical issues and be able to enjoy life like she did.
Sweet Emma, thank you for the love and joy you brought into my life. Mommy will always love you!

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