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I'm raising money for Revelation Wellness® a wonderful Non-Profit Ministry that combines 2 loves.. Faith & Fitness. They're dedicated to bringing hope to others in need by using fitness as a tool to educate and inspire people to live healthy & whole lives in Christ. Your donation will go to help spread Gods word throughout communities around the world. Giving people a unique way to grow together in love with God, mind body & soul. Your donation will so greatly be appreciated!! <3 Thank you! -Chelsea

All Proceeds Benefit:

Revelation Wellness

for Instructor Training scholarships for those who cant afford it. Ministry outreach, workshops, events & organizational development

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Growing up, exercise and me were like Oil & Water. I couldn't stand to break a sweat, I even got a D- in gym class. Over the years I slowly acquired a love for jogging, it started because I wanted to look better. That changed.. Maybe it's because God made nature for man to thrive in, but there's just something so amazing that happens to your brain when you're running through nature. They say it increases your dopamine & serotonin levels. It's seriously the best mood booster out there!! That feeling made the habit stick for me. It became a necessity, a time when I could meditate before I even knew what the definition of meditation was. The one time in my day when I felt a closeness to God which meant a lot considering I haven't really ever been a church goer. When you're outside taking in the scenery, you're able to really reflect on the beautiful world God created for us and begin to push yourself a lil farther or faster each time.. Just to see if you can. You begin to find out how much your capable of... and think.. Well if i can go this far whats a few more steps, or another mile? The possibilities seem endless.. (I can now completely relate Forrest Gump running across the country) Because why not? Just see what will happen if I dont stop. The best part is when the weather gets bad & you run in it anyway. A little shift in perspective & you will truly feel unstoppable!! Whats a lil' rain anyway.. it feels refreshing when you're already warmed up from the run. And winter time the best air conditioning. I read a quote that is so true.. "There is no such thing as Bad weather, only inappropriate clothing."Honestly bad weather makes me smile!! Its so mental but in my head.. its Me vs. Weather.. The weather cant Win by dictating if my workout will happen. Just like in life its not always going to be smooth sailing, there will be curve balls but if you embrace it, smile through it, be grateful for it, You WILL get stronger because of it. Before you know it, you'll be trying to run 30 miles on your 30th bday! I attempted it, didnt make it the whole 30 but a solid 19 miles. Anyway fast forward to a couple years ago when I got hit with a dui.. It was a huge grenade that blew up all my plans.. Looking back, it was a blessing in disguise. Cliche' right? But still so true.. Probation stopped all my plans and any other distractions for 2 yrs! I pretty much became a recluse other than running, I did start to go to church. Needless to say I have felt a bit stuck in life the last 2 years.. I needed change, needed to shake things up, force myself to start connecting with people again.. I discovered Revelation Wellness online and loved what they were doing, helping ppl connect with each other through combining exercise with the gospel, it seemed like a really unique way to help people to get healthy literally from the inside out. Fitness is what drew me closer to God. I decided the best way to shake things up would be to get way outside of my bubble & see what changes could or might happen if I did it. Im takin the challenge of a lifetime both physically and mentally. This will be the toughest challenge of my life so far. Its a 24 mile endurance hike across the Grand Canyon in a day with a fundraising goal of $1,500. With Your help I will be hiking the Grand Canyon from one Rim to the other Rim in 1 day!! I knew going in that the fundraising aspect of would be the hardest thing for me to do.. I can be a tad on the shy side and asking people to donate is honestly an extremely daunting task.. Well the pressure is on big time, the hike is in 1 week and I still need to raise $1440! I'm praying that its in gods plan for me to accomplish these goals. Your help would be so greatly appreciated by myself and many other people feeling disconnected from others and from God. Thank you so much for reading!! I hope I didn't rattle on too long, I also hope that maybe this could inspire even just one person to get outside and take a long walk, jog or hike in gratitude. And maybe give them the strength to try something they've never done before. Thanks again

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