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We are slowly preparing to bring Theo home! In celebration of Valentines Day and the love that we have been shown, we ant to sell these t-shirts that serve as a reminder that we are to Love One Another... Always and in Every Circumstance.

All Proceeds Benefit:

Nathan Dycus

for Travel Expenses to bring Theo home from South Korea

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We truly believe that if God calls someone to do something, He will provide a way. Sometimes the way is sure and the road in which we travel is laid out before us but more often than not the journey will always have a few unexpected turns. It is during these unexpected turns that we have learned to trust in the Lord because He was not surprised by us deciding to adopt. We believe the adoption has been in His plans all along.
Growing our family of four to a family of five was something that we both knew would happen. Our family has been blessed with two amazing little girls who are full of life, love and joy! These little girls have helped us realize that we have a huge responsibility when it comes to raising children. It is a privilege and an honor teaching these little girls everything we know about faith, life and loving others. One of the greatest examples of love is adoption.
Three years ago we began talking about growing our family. We knew that we could have more children biologically, but there was a deep stirring in our hearts for something much bigger than that; orphan care. On separate occasions, we both both began praying about becoming adoptive parents as we began hearing about the amount of children that were in need of a home. As we prayed, the Lord laid a conviction on our hearts to adopt from South Korea. We decided to go with Holt International because we know they are an incredible adoption agency and they would help us through every part of the adoption process. As we stated earlier, every journey has unexpected turns, bumps and stops; this adoption process has not been easy but it has been worth every sleepless night and sacrifice we have made.
Bringing our son home from South Korea is one of the greatest pleasures that we have been called to do. We are excited to bring him home and teach him everything there is to know about life, love and family.

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