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Black Tulip Salon & Spa is a salon full of independently operating hairstylists and massage therapists that work together like a family. In the time that the salon is closed due to Covid-19, we are not charging any of them rent, but the salon still has rent and other bills to pay. We want to make sure that all of our awesome girls have a salon home to go back to when we are allowed to reopen. Purchase a t-shirt to wear anytime, anywhere and help us reach our goal and show your support of your favorite salon!

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Black Tulip Salon & Spa

for Rent, utilities, etc.

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Black Tulip Salon & Spa opened October 2017 when the salon that was previously in it's placed closed suddenly and the girls working there didn't want to go anywhere else. The 3 new owners have since grown the salon to be the home for 12 people including hair stylists, massage therapists, a receptionist, and an esthetician. Everyone in the salon operates their own business but we all work together like a close family. The owners have been growing the business to meet the needs of everyone working there and are still in the building phase of the business. Our main concern right now is to keep up with the rent and other bills that still need to be paid during this closure so that when we are allowed to reopen that we can have the funds to do so. Purchasing a t-shirt to show your support will help greatly with that and ensure that the salon home we've created for these wonderful people will stay strong and be there for them and the community.

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