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Please help! Kids are so Strong and Courageous

Raising money to help 2 families pay medical expense for their children fighting for their health.

All Proceeds Benefit:

Dylan Ramey

for Medical Expenses

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Calling all Super Squad followers. As Thanksgiving approaches we have so much to be thankful for. Dylan’s kidneys are continuing to fight. He will be undergoing his first surgery this December in hope of stopping his Kidney reflux and to improve his bladder function. We are doing 2 shirt campaigns to raise money for medical expenses. We are splitting all of our proceeds with another family whose baby is also fighting a terrible disorder.
No child should have to fight these fights. No family should have to choose between providing for their child or paying for their medical expenses. We are so thankful for your generosity and support. We’ve designed these shirts ourselves for everyday wear.
As the leaves fall and we gather with our families, give thanks for your health and the healthy children in your life. We thank you all for the support!

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