Custom Ink Vs. Good Ink

Custom Ink Vs. Good Ink

Screen printing has become a much more democratic process with the rise of the internet, which is a great thing. People now have ways to express their creativity than ever before and can quickly design, source garments, and even place an order with a few clicks online. It's hard to beat that convenience and sometimes a life-saver for those time crunch orders, but there are some big benefits to placing your next screen printing order locally.

We're All Humans Here

As a part-time introvert myself, sometimes I dread talking to humans, but I also hate looking foolish. Rather than scrolling through pages of FAQs and blogs, sometimes it's just easier to get on the horn and ask some questions. When you call or email us, we'll answer whatever questions you may have about your project and offer some recommendations as far as best practices and how to save you some money, so whether you're extroverted to the point where you can sell bark to a tree or introverted and just want to go digital, we have ways of communication for you! Sometimes we even match our outfits (unintentionally)!

The Hidden Fee

Screen printing costs some money, no getting around that - we have ways to save you some money but the most important thing is that we'll be up front with the cost. We promise that you'll never open an invoice and find something that wasn't previously disclosed or discussed in the ordering process. The best and worst thing about custom printing is that two jobs rarely cost the same amount, but you'll know what you're paying for when you come to Good Ink! Other added perks of going with Good Ink? We ship for free around the country, we don't have screen or set-up fees for bulk orders, and we help design your apparel artwork for free!

Flexibility is Our Middle Name

With the big online shops, adjusting your order or checking on the status after it's been placed is like turning an aircraft carrier, but since the order begins and ends with one account manager, we can pivot as needed. Need to add another shirt? Want to change the ink color? Need to bump the shipping date? No problem (well, most of the time. We'll let you know when it is). In addition to being able to adjust design elements on the fly, we can also add a lot more to your print than just any old ink.

Your Project is Our Pride

While we strive to be efficient in churning through our printing schedule, we do not value quantity over quality. Rather than printing your order poorly just to get it out the door, we have a multi-point garment inspection from the earliest points of check-in to the final boxing of your order. That way, if we find a shirt that has a hole, a stain, or some sort of misprint (because after all, we are all humans here), we replace it and reprint it!

When looking for your next screen printer, we hope you keep these points in mind! If you have any questions, drop us a line via chat, email, or phone!

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