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Please buy a shirt to help us reach our goal and bring GOOD MUSIC/VISUALS!

Win With Ten is a fundraising campaign to assist the needs of Archive Records LLC to complete the album, along with excellent video content.

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Archive Records LLC
for Musicians, Studio, Video equipment, mixing, mastering, location fees, artist travel/lodging

Archive Records LLC has prided itself on bringing quality music and video content to the entertainment industry. We have been able to do this enormous feat with the help of fundraisers. Today, we are still an independent company, relying on the help of good people to invest in our mission, which is to bring forth excellent music and video content. The current fundraiser, Win With Ten, is our t-shirt fundraiser to help us meet our end goals. Our compilation, GLOW presents: Ten of Diamonds is near finished. However, we still need your help in the completion process. We Thank You!!! Thank you for participating.

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