End the death penalty in Texas!

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Even in Texas, the death penalty's days are numbered. Help put an end to this failed public policy.

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Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty
for Dismantling the death penalty in Texas, county by county.
Organized by: Vanessa Akins
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The Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (TCADP) is a statewide grassroots advocacy organization that is transforming the death penalty landscape. We strategically align with local, state, and national partners to reduce use of the death penalty in Texas and, ultimately, end the practice of capital punishment once and for all.

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I want to spread the message that use of the death penalty is declining, even in Texas!
Dr. Alan F. Knox
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Killing another human is, by all civilized mores, wrong. The state committing murder, even when the human subject is a killer, solves nothing and there are no "do-overs" when mistakes are made...and they are.
DJ Compton
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Karla Williams
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"As one whose husband and mother-in-law have died the victims of murder and assassination, I stand firmly and unequivocally opposed to the death penalty...[an] evil deed is not redeemed by an evil deed of retaliation." - Coretta Scott King
Bob Rankin
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Long time supporter
Jan L Heinrichs
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TCADP is a state-wide, grassroots organization whose sole purpose is to secure legislation abolishing the death penalty in Texas. In order to fulfill this mission, which would eliminate state-sanctioned killing undertaken in the name of all Texas citizens, TCADP requires continued financial support, and buying these T-shirts is one way I can provide that critical support.
Susan Buchanan
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D'Lisa Harris Abbott
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The death penalty is wrong. I had a friend executed and until you have been in that position you do not have any idea what it's like to know the state is killing them. Who would Jesus execute?
Myles Rease Parton
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The death penalty is unjustly administered and in our society unnecessary. The few circumstances it mighty be morally allowed do not exist in the United States. What is needed is a thorough reform of our penal codes.
Robert Bentley
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Because the death penalty is a moral catastrophe that is incompatible with democracy.
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Elliot Kralj
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The Texas Death Penalty is a reactionary counterproductive practice.
Jim Webner
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Texas must move away from retribution, toward a vision of restorative justice.
Mike Renquist
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Proud to publicly support
Janice Ahmad
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The death penalty is a barbaric punishment that the U.S and Texas must abolish.
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