Screen Printing

Screen printing is a timeless method for decorating all kinds of garments. A large majority of our orders are screen printed because it produces great results and is cost-effective.

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Screen printing involves creating a mesh stencil (also known as a “screen”) and then using that stencil to apply ink to the printing surface. Inks are pushed through the mesh screens one color at a time.

Our team understands the relationships between the various inks, shirt materials, and garment colors to help you achieve the look you’re going for.

Ink Options

Plastisol is the most common ink we use when screen printing. Using plastisol ink is the best way to achieve a Pantone color match and bright, opaque colors.

We also offer a number of ink options depending on the feel you’re going for, the garments being printed on, and the artwork.

  • Plastisol: tried and true, vibrant prints. Works on almost every type of garment.
  • Water Base: great for achieving a vintage look and very soft prints. *Doesn’t work well on dark garments. (order minimum of 50 pieces)
  • Discharge: very opaque, vibrant print with a matte finish. *Only effective on cotton garments (order minimum of 50 pieces)
  • Discharge Underbase/Plastisol (aka Premium Standard): a hybrid method in which we use a discharge underbase with soft plastisol inks on top resulting in a vibrant yet soft print (order minimum of 50 pieces)

Special Effects

We have all kinds of special effects that can make your products stand out

  • Glow in the Dark: excellent for your team, group, glow run, black-light or night-time event (minimum order of 25 pieces)
  • Puff: achieve an old school look that literally jumps off the shirt (minimum order of 50 pieces)
  • Foil: sheets of foil are heat pressed on top of Plastisol prints to make your shirts pop (minimum order of 50 pieces)
  • Metallic: add some shimmer to your ink (minimum order of 50 pieces)
  • Others by request

Full-Color Options

Because each ink color requires a separate screen and setup, full-color prints are typically difficult to achieve with screen printing. Never fear! We have options for this situation.

  • Simulated Process: used to screen print full-color images or photographs (minimum order of 100 pieces)
  • Direct to Garment: this digital printing method allows us to print any image onto shirts but with a lower minimum order of 10 pieces. Works only on a limited set of garments with light colors.

Add-On Services

Help your brand stand out from the crowd with our retail add-ons. Requires minimum order of 50 pieces.

  • Folding
  • Bagging
  • Printed Tags
  • Hang Tags

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