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While we are closed to prevent the spread of Covid-19 we decided to place all memberships on hold. We don't feel that it's right to continue to charge for a service we can no longer offer, and it prevents putting our members who are struggling in further hardship. While this mandated shutdown isn't your burden to bare, we do need help in order to meet our minimum operating expenses. We hope everyone is taking advantage of our free online workouts and they hold you over for the time being!

All Proceeds Benefit:

Top Tier Fitness

for Rent.. and ensuring everyone has a place to workout when this is all over!!

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As most of you know, Top Tier is more than a gym. It's a community of all ages and skill levels that lift each other up and come together as one. During this difficult time, we ask that once again we come together as a community and support each other in a time of need. We thank you for all of your support and hope to see you on the other side of this!

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