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Nate Foster
for Travel, gas, food, lodging, essentials while supporting ministries/nonprofits.
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Hey everybody,
My name is Nate 'Firestorm' Foster, I'm the creator of Firestorm Photography & Productions. I have been working over the past years to dedicate more and more of my time and energy to volunteering and working with local ministries and nonprofits. This work has included providing professional photography and videography services at little or no cost to the organizations, as well as volunteering as a youth leader, crew member, or general helping hand to the ministry.

During 2017, I was fortunate to get to work with a number of different ministries including:
Jenison Bible Church - High school mission trip
- College mission trip
- VBS program
Michiana Christian Camp - Junior High Week
Castaway Club (Young Life Camp) - Sessions 2 and 3
Faith & Fitness Community - Media content creator
Eastern Ottawa Young Life - Hudsonville High Youth leader
- Event Photographer
ZigZag Ultimate "White Lightning" - Assistant Coach

During 2017, each of these partnerships required some out-of-pocket expense: everything from travel, gasoline, lodging, food, and most of all, time.
Throughout the year, I dedicated much of my own resources to making sure that I was able to be where I needed to be, and do what I needed to do, in order to support these organizations. The voluntary commitment of my own resources has been made in love; however, this pattern is not sustainable. In order to continue serving these organizations in such a way, I have created this fundraiser. Any and all funds raised will go directly toward enabling Firestorm to serve ministries and nonprofits.

Looking ahead to 2018, God-willing, I plan to work with all of the organizations I partnered with in 2017, along with taking any new opportunities that God opens up. Potential new opportunities include working on hurricane cleanup, new out-of-state camp leading, an international mission, and simply going wherever God leads.

Thank you for your support. Whether you purchase a shirt, or not, I appreciate that you even clicked on my fundraiser and read to this point. I would love for you to purchase a tshirt, but if not, please share my fundraiser, and pray for me as I serve in 2018. Thanks again.
-Nate 'Firestorm' Foster

Also, shout out to Clay Groot at "Clay In His Hands Photography" for the new logo redesign. (

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Nate is incredibly gifted and selfless, and we hope he is able to continue to use his gifts freely.
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