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Help our animals find a forever home!

Our passion is helping local cats and dogs find a forever home! We need your help!

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Greenville Animal Shelter
for Facility expenses (food, vet care, etc...)

Our passion is helping local cats and dogs find a forever home! We also love spreading the word reminding potential pet owners that adoption is a great option and a significant need! All funds raised will be used for expenses at our facility including food, veterinary/medical care, toys/chews, crates, leashes, collars, potty pads, etc.... Your financial contribution helps us do the important work that we feel called to, and wearing these great shirts helps spread the word about the importance of adoption - and it's a great conversation starter while you're around town!

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I wish I could adopt em all!! :)
The O'Briens
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Thank you for everything you do!!
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I love animals!!
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I've adopted my 2 dogs from GAS. I'm so grateful for you!!!
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Adoption First!
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