What's New At Good Ink In 2023?

What's New At Good Ink In 2023?

More like what isn't new at Good Ink in 2023? We are rocking and rolling in the new year, so much so that it's almost March and I'm just now getting to writing this. Part of the reason on the delay is that our Director of Sales Kevin and his wife had their third child recently (send diapers if you're feeling charitable) and we've been dialing in some new products and decoration methods! If you're looking to take your custom apparel options to the next level, keep reading to see what we've got in store for the new year!

Sublimated Mugs

We've long had the capability to do simple prints on mugs and cups, but now we're blowing it out of the water with full blown sublimation prints.

Pros: This is great for very colorful and vivid prints. Rather than whittling down your logo to be a one- or two-color print in one location, the sky is virtually the limit and now we can put almost anything on the entire mug (except the handle. And the bottom. And the inside now that you mention it.).

Cons: Not all mugs can use this method - the mug must be coated in the appropriate finish to be accepting of a sublimation print. In addition, the minimum for mugs does remain higher than some apparel options, but ultimately depends on the brand and size.

Woven Label

Our good friends over at Michigan Awesome just released a full-zip hoodie with a woven label down near the hem, and this is something we can add to multiple garment styles and locations. If you have a retail brand, a woven label on the hem, sleeve, or hoodie pouch pocket is a great way to add that extra little bit of branding to set you apart from your competitors.

Pros: Visibility and branding are the big ones here. It's an understated touch that makes your brand look legit almost instantly.

Cons: It does increase the lead time and designs must be a single color, unlike the sublimated mugs above. Location is also limited and most go over an opening of some capacity.

Patch Styles

Tired of your regularly embroidered cap or beanie? Change the game with one of our new methods! New to the 2023 lineup are leather patches (in more shapes), fully embroidered patches, silicone patches, and 3D embroidered patches. These new patch styles give a much more defined texture to your next garment type, and certain styles can also be applied to more items than just caps. Aprons? Deal. Bags? You bet. Horseshoes? Not quite, but stay tuned.

Leather Patches

Leather patches aren't new to our offerings, but this level or customization is. We now have the capability of doing die-cut shapes (to an extent, extremely detailed logos will have to be adjusted) and can apply them to multiple styles of garments!

Silicone Patches

For a heavy duty and playful look, a silicone patch is a great option. With a raised and textured finish, these contrast really nicely for bold designs and high contrasts to garment colors.

Embroidered Patches

Rather than just embroidering directly onto the garment, we now offer embroidered patches that allow for multiple colors (maximum of 6) and very fine details as well as some die-cut options.

3D Embroidered Patches

All of the same benefits that you love about embroidery, but now you can raise part of your design to literally stand out from the rest. This is an awesome option that will make a ballcap look like something you see at the World Series.

If you have questions or want to learn more about how these options would work for your group or logo, contact your rep today!

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