AADR T-Shirt Fundraiser in Honor of Milo!

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Please buy a shirt to pay Milo's medical expenses and buy his new wheels!

Help the AADR raise money to buy Milo a custom wheelchair and to pay for his medical expenses. And once his expenses are paid, he will make sure the extra funds go to other AADR doxies in need!

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Orders will ship within 10 business days of this fundraiser ending on 10/03.
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All American Dachshund Rescue (AADR)
for Medical expenses and wheelchair for Milo

You all know that with the passing of Sammy it left a big hole in our hearts and especially that of Wendy. She wanted to take time to remember ALL the memories that Sammy left her with and us too. But now it's time to help another: enter sweet Milo. AADR was contacted by a family that has a dachshund that went down in the back in March of this year. Surgery was done but with no success. His muscles had atrophied and he is not able to walk but instead drags his back legs. BUT Milo wants to go run and have fun! He's only 6 yrs old and he's a HAPPY boy. Milo will be Wendy's new companion raising awareness to children that it's ok to be different. Please purchase a shirt to defer Milo's medical and wheelchair expenses. And always know that once Milo's expenses are covered, the AADR has other doxies in its care in need of funds for medical expenses.

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Heather Clemmer
1 Shirt
Lois Smart
4 Shirts
Why of course to support the AADR!!
1 Shirt
2 Shirts
Dash in Kirby's Memory
3 Shirts
AADR has saved so many Dachshunds like Dash and Kirby (RIP). We need to keep up the efforts.
Thom Wilson
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I have transported for AADR for years and support in any way and as much as I can.
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Wendy G Marsh
1 Shirt
'Cos I love Doxies
Janet Keener
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We love driving transports for AADR. Now I have a shirt to wear when we do!!
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